Read Your Body

My number one rated charting app.

If you have downloaded it before and were thoroughly confused as to how to use it- I totally understand. Keep reading to find out why it will be your favorite tracker app!

I downloaded Read Your Body when I first started learning the Fertility Awareness Method. It felt too complex for me so I decided to uninstall it and go for a simpler, less customizable app. However, once I went through a FAM class with my own coach, I was shown how to use it in conjunction with charting my fertility signs, and take advantage of all their cool tools. It was SO helpful. What had confused me the most about it before (the detailed customization) was now my favorite part.

Now, the best part of Read Your Body is when you sign up for a class with me, you get three months free! That’s three whole months to learn to customize, practice, and decide if you want to use it long term. After the three months, RYB is only $1.99 monthly or $14.99 annually. For a great app, that’s a steal! 

Another noted feature is that it keeps all your data secure. Many period tracker apps keep your inputted data and sell it, but not Read Your Body! As a non-profit, RYB keeps what’s best for their users at the forefront of their work and they do not sell, use, or give away your data.

Another great perk of Read Your Body is that it automatically syncs with Tempdrop. This means no manually inputting temperatures into a different app or having to manually change previous temps if they get updated the following day. It really is time saving and just so handy having them talk to each other. If you haven’t heard of Tempdrop, check out this article explaining it!

Another great aspect of the app is that it can work with any Fertility Awareness Method that you use. FEMM? YES. Symptothermal? Billings? TCOYF? It works! 

You can customize to include:

  • What type of sex you partake in (with barrier, withdrawal, unprotected, and the option to customize different hearts for anything you might want to add)
  • Your custom info like PMS symptoms (moods, cravings, etc)
  • Your lifestyle info (exercise, supplements/ medicine, etc.)
  • You can even add photos if you want to add that to your chart!

It’s also super easy to:

  • Place the coverline
  • Indicate when a temperature is disturbed
  • Include your LH tests
  • & again, anything and everything else you need for your chart!

I highly recommend taking the chance on the Read Your Body app and putting a little time and effort into customizing it to work with you. When you sign up for a class with me, we’ll cover using the Read Your Body app and get you set up during our first meeting.