Thinking of learning to chart but

unsure of where to start?


1:1 in person instruction > SLO, CA

Meet with me once a month in person for individualized instruction. 2 hour monthly meet required.

1:1 online instruction > google meet

Meet with me virtually once a month for individualized instruction. 2 hour monthly meet required.

Asynchronous class > Downloadable file

Download pre-recorded videos and instruction to learn how to chart in-depth. Learn on your own time; no required calls or meetings. Includes one 45 minute client call within 4 months of purchasing.

Group Classes

Only available in-person in San Luis Obispo County, CA

Minimum of 4 participants. Max 8. For more than 8, let’s chat!

Less expensive than learning 1:1

Form a bond with the women in your life! Going natural is a big step, so take it with those you care about.

Geared towards your choice of charting for body literacy, natural birth control, or trying to conceive.

Parent & teen class coming soon.

simply need a

chart review?

Schedule yourself for a 45 minute client call where we can cover your specific charting questions.

Please remember that I can not diagnose, only suggest you seek medical management if you think something is wrong with your cycle.

A discounted client call comes with each of my class offerings.

Schedule yourself for an in-person or virtual call today.