Benefits of Charting

Three top reasons to chart!

  1. Body Literacy (Knowledge)

Understanding how cyclical your body is and works is amazing. When you learn to chart your cycle you will gain body literacy meaning you will be able to make more informed decisions about your reproductive health. Who doesn’t want that? In addition, if you are having issues with your cycle like irregular cycles, heavy or light bleeding, or intense cramping, then by charting your cycle you can learn to identify what hormonal imbalances you may have and how to fix them naturally. 

  1. Natural Birth Control

If you have been seeking a natural alternative to hormonal birth control, FAM is right here! You will learn the ebb and flow of your natural cycle, how to identify your fertile phase and your infertile phase where you’ll be able to practice unprotected sex! Learning FAM means you do not have to rely on barrier methods while in your infertile phase. However, if you do not choose to abstain during your fertile phase, you are only as protected as the contraception you choose to use during that time (condoms, withdrawal, etc). 

  1. Natural Conception

Whether you have been trying to conceive without luck or are just starting to think about expanding your family, learning how your cycle works will be a great head start for you. By gaining body literacy and understanding your fertile and infertile phases, you will be able to time insemination accurately on the best days to support fertilization! 

Since women are truly only fertile for 12-24 hours a cycle, it’s important to understand when you are fertile and have sex on those days. Otherwise, you could be trying to conceive for months but always miss your fertile phase and therefore not become pregnant. This can lead to invasive surgeries for women to discover whether or not they are infertile. This is the best place to start!